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Mind Power and The Metaphysics of Consciousness


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"How to get what you want"

This one month course was created by Anthony Hamilton so you could experience first-hand what it means to be a person of power.

In 30 days you will learn to use the power of your mind to get what you want.

Learn specific details on how to use the power of your thoughts to create the life you want… step-by-step.

This series of simple yet very powerful exercises will trigger specific changes in your thinking and actually stimulate changes in the neural connections in your brain!

As you do these exercises you will begin to…

  • See yourself as a person of power

  • Feel more confident about yourself

  • Attract more opportunities

  • Increase your self-esteem

  • Develop your intuition

  • Experience the power of purpose

  • Clarify your goals

  • Increase your luck

Partial contents …

In this one-month course you will learn how to …

  • Turn your thoughts into actual, physical forces

  • Increase your personal power

  • Develop your ability to visualize and create results

  • Use your mind as an "Inner Time Machine"

  • Become an "Opportunity Magnet"

You will receive a new lesson approximately every three days so you have time to practice the simple mental exercises. As you progress through the month, your thinking will become more focussed; your purpose will become more defined; you will notice an increasing feeling of confidence.


Included in the course is a very powerful creative visualization exercise you can listen to as often as you like. This specific exercise was perfected by Anthony over more than fifteen years of personal practice and coaching over 10,000 private clients.

The visualization exercise teaches you a specific sequence of thoughts which will stimulate your subconscious mind to begin attracting into your life more of what you want.

This exercise alone has the power to dramatically change your life.


Over the course of the month, you will receive links to a series of specific video training sessions with Anthony.

This video training will explain some of the concepts in the course and clarify exactly how to cultivate more personal power.


Here's what others have said
about Anthony's training…

"To your 'Mental Magic Program' must go the credit for pulling my knowledge together to form a comprehensive and manageable method of making my life more dynamic and successful." David L., Lawyer and Writer

"The key ingredient for me was how to put positive thinking to work, practically." Barbara P., Sales – McLeod, Young, Weir

"Health, wealth and prosperity are now in my realm of reality, and you have helped me find the answer." Ruby S., Realtor – Park Georgia Realty

"Anthony not only tells you what the correct attitude is, he tells you exactly how to develop it." Harvey S., Sales Manager – Jimmy Pattison Group.

"I sold a property for three times my previous record two weeks after you gave me the right affirmation." Rosy H., Realtor - Royal LePage Real Estate

"I am learning to dream my own personal dream, to imagine living in a tailor-made future, instead of one off the assembly line." Esther N., Singer and Songwriter




Over a period of fifteen years, Anthony Hamilton became known as the "Master of Visualization" for his ability to teach very powerful mental training concepts to some of the most successful companies in North America.

Here is your opportunity to try this very special training at no cost.

In these very powerful lessons you will receive:

  • Personalized instruction in specific Mind Power techniques

  • The key to your inner power

  • The secret of creating the life you want to live

You will learn how:

  • To dramatically increase results

  • To create specific aspects of your reality

  • To achieve your goals

  • To maintain a positive attitude

  • To remain continually motivated

  • To maintain your enthusiasm

  • To control stress and tension

  • To eliminate negative thinking

You will develop:

  • Personal Power

  • A Magnetic Personality

  • Insight, Intuition and Awareness

  • A Clear Vision of Your Chosen Future

  • Your Creative Imagination

You will become:

  • Self-Motivated

  • Goal-Directed

  • Decisive

  • A positive influence on others

  • An opportunity magnet

  • The captain of your ship of life

Simply fill in the following form with your FIRST NAME and your email address.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Choose to develop your personal power to create the life of your choice…. TODAY!

Just fill in the form below with your first name and email address.




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Sign up for Anthony's free course…

"How to get what you want"


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