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Mind Power and The Metaphysics of Consciousness


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Change Your Mind and Change Your Life.... Today!

The most explosive idea in psychology in the last one hundred years is that Einstein's Theory of Relativity applies to the inner world of the human mind!

Every thought we think affects our body, our world and our life… in a way that is unique to each of us. This is why a situation that has a negative effect on one person can have a positive effect on another.

I mean… don't you know someone who looks on an unfortunate setback as a challenge? For this kind of person stress simply rolls off him, like water off a duck's back.

And can't you also think of someone else who the same situation leaves devastated... perhaps for years? For this kind of person, the situation destroys his world.

How can this be? … That the same event that nearly destroys one person inspires another?

The answer is that -- according to Einstein -- these events are not the same at all. Everything depends on your frame of reference, as Einstein called it.

The first person experiences an event as an obstacle because obstacles exist in his world.

The second experiences the event as an opportunity for learning, because this is the way he chooses to see his world.

Ultimately whether any situation in your life is positive or negative is up to you. Whether anything is possible or impossible is up to you. Whether anything exists or not is up to you.

But dealing with unpleasant experiences is not quite as simple as it might appear. We can't simply deny the existence of something and expect it to disappear.

It takes re-programming the mind to accomplish this.

The difficulty you and I face is that mind that decides the meaning of the event is the same mind that experiences the effect of it. So we are trapped inside our own frame of reference.

Let's face it, no one would consciously give something a meaning causing pain if they knew it could be given a meaning leading to pleasure. The creation of categories of events is done unconsciously in childhood. As we grow up, the categories we have created are already established in our subconscious mind. They appear so real, that we don't question them.

But here's the important point about relativity... not just the naming of anything but also the existence of anything depends on the frame of reference.

Think about this… don't you know someone who believes in angels? This person sees evidence for them and experiences the effects of angels in her life!

Don't you also know someone who thinks the idea of angels is hogwash? For this person angels don't exist and she doesn't experience the effect of angels in her life!

The difference is one of belief. For each of us, our beliefs about what is real determine our reality. For each of us, our beliefs are the laws of our unique, individual world. When we learn how to change our beliefs, we can change our world.

How to make "problems" disappear…

Consider this…Have you ever been faced with a problem?

Well, "Of course." you say… who hasn't? But what if the very concept "problem" … didn't exist in your consciousness?

What if there simply were no such thing as problems? You'd never be able to experience one, would you? When something unwanted took place, your wouldn't call it a problem because the notion wouldn't exist for you.

You'd have to give the situation another label ... like opportunity for example. "Now, Wait a minute." you might be thinking… "Problems do exist… everyone knows that."

But everyone doesn't know that… only those for whom problems are real.

What about the reality of Ghosts, Life after death, Telepathy, Magic, or even Talent… I mean... one person believes in these things and another person doesn't.

One person gives up on their dream, saying, "I don't have the talent for it." Another person says, "I'm going to do it no matter what."

After trying and failing a number of times, the second person finally figures it out and becomes a great success. She creates her dream and lives the reality of it!

What is the first person likely to say?… "Well, easy for you.... you have a talent for it!" All the hard work and commitment on the part of the other person goes unnoticed!

Here's the really important point …What exists in your reality is a matter of choice!

  • If you want LUCK you can create it!
  • If you want LOVE you can create it!
  • If you want PROSPERITY you can create it!
  • If you want HAPPINESS you can create it!
  • If you want OPPORTUNITIES you can create them!

Not only this… (as if this weren't enough!) but …

  • You can erase OBSTACLES!
  • You can erase PROBLEMS!
  • You can erase STRESS!
  • You can erase NEGATIVES!

The technology for changing your world exists. It means learning to use your mind in a whole new way.

Does this excite you? It excites me!

In fact, it excited me so much that when I first began to hear of this technology, I began applying it to my life. Here's what happened…

At the time, I was smoking three packs of cigarettes a day and drinking too much. I was overweight and unhappy. I lacked confidence. I stuttered so badly I was afraid to speak up at work or tell a story at a party. I never told a joke because I just knew I'd stutter on the punch line. I actually quit one job because I was expected to answer the phone and I couldn't stand the stress of waiting for the phone to ring!

But… then I learned of this new technology and before long, I stopped smoking.

Then I applied the principle to my weight… I lost 55 pounds!

My confidence began to increase dramatically.

I began to coach people on how to use this method to conquer smoking. It worked for them too.

At the time I was working on the Vancouver waterfront as a lift-truck driver, but my dream was to become a writer. There was one problem, however… I had never written anything in my life and I believed (you know what's coming, right?)…that I had no talent!

However after applying these techniques to the idea of writing, I changed my self-image. I soon began to see myself as a writer. Before long the publisher of a local paper invited me to write articles for it.

I then applied the technology to my stuttering. In a matter of months, I was speaking before crowds of people on a regular basis!

Do I need to tell you that this information changed my life?

What would it mean to you ...

  • In your relationships?
  • In you health?
  • In your level of income?
  • In your level of confidence?

What would it mean to your children?

  • Your friends?
  • Your enjoyment of life?

You see, here's the revolutionary fact that's come out of this new discovery…You can not only change your life in the present… you can also CHANGE YOUR PAST and CHANGE YOUR FUTURE!

Change the past, you say? Everyone knows this is impossible. But it's only impossible in the frame of reference that believes it's impossible!

Change your frame of reference and it's not only possible, it's easy and fun!

Think about it for a moment… if I ask you whether your childhood was positive or negative, aren't I really asking you what you believe about your past? And when you change your belief, your change what information you receive from your past.

Because beliefs act as filters, they make us aware certain things about our past and make us blind to others.


The reason you think the past is fixed is that every time you think of the past, you create the SAME THOUGHTS, SAME CONCEPTS AND SAME FEELINGS about it.

You literally re-create the past in the present each time you think of it. But… once you really understand that THE PAST IS ONLY AN IDEA, you can change it.

Here's another implication of this technology…


Here's the key ...Once you understand how to create and delete BELIEFS, create and delete IDEAS, create and delete MEANINGS and create and delete the CONNECTIONS BETWEEN CONCEPTS you will understand that ….


Remember when you first learned to drive?

You unconsciously connected the idea DRIVING with the idea PLEASURE. This combination of IMAGE and FEELING created a positive possibility for you.

Before long you were driving.

The same combination will create any possibility as a reality for you, once you know how.

Of course, for some people, the idea DRIVING a car is connected to the feeling of FEAR. So they never learn to drive. Each time they contemplate the idea of driving they FEEL BAD.

In the same way…Some people learn to swim… others don't. Some people learn to be happy… others don't. Some people believe they deserve love… others don't. Some people think they can create their dreams… others don't.

Which group would you rather be in?

You can CREATE THE BELIEF that the transformation of reality is possible for you!

You can change the way you see the past, the present and the future. You can change the way you feel about them.

You can change the way you look at the possibilities the exist for you… You can change the way you see yourself. You can change the way you see your life. And.... when you change the way you look at your life… your life changes. It may not change for anyone else but it will change for you!

So how do you learn about this new technology?

One way is to read a copy of my book, "Mind, Time and Power!" The second edition has just been published and already has been chosen by a university in Switzerland as a textbook for a course entitled, "Creative Achievement".

Am I proud of this? You bet!

I believe the information in the book has the power to change your life. I wrote it so you could experience some of the same positive changes I have.

Check out my book and let me know what you think.
I'd love to hear from you.


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