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Mind Power and The Metaphysics of Consciousness


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Radio Interview of Anthony
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Anthony answers some questions people ask about
"Mind, Time and Power!"


Q - How is it possible to get information from the future if the future hasn't happened yet?

A - It's really very easy. We do it automatically without even thinking about it. When you decide to change your route home from work because you know it's rush hour, you are using information from the virtual future help you make a decision. The virtual future consists of a wide spectrum of possible futures. Exactly which one will manifest is uncertain, but we can narrow down the range to a considerable degree, depending on the questions we ask ourselves. If you ask yourself, "What's the most scenic route?" you get one sort of information. If you ask, "What would be the most direct route?" you get another sort of information. Because your mind can access the virtual future as easily as the past, you can learn to use the future as a source of information and power.

Q - How can the future be a source of power?

A - It depends on what you ask yourself. For example, suppose you have a job interview coming up, and you ask yourself. "What sort of personality type will this person be looking for? And… How can I impress him/her with the idea that I am the perfect fit for the job?" These questions put you in the interviewer's shoes. They allow you to see yourself through his/her eyes. The information you get from asking these questions will give you insight into how to conduct yourself that you would not otherwise get. This is real power... the power to adjust your behavior depending on the future you imagine you will experience.

Q - You write that you can change the past. How can this be possible? Isn't the past fixed once and for all?

A - Of course not. A little contemplation reveals that the past is constantly changing anyway, all by itself. The trick is to change it with control so so-called "negative" events work for you. The past is really nothing more than a very complex thought form  --  complete with a meaning you unconsciously given to it. When you change your point of view, you change the meaning of the past event as well as the implications of it. And this is all that the past is ... an idea with meaning and implications. If you change these elements you alter the past. But there's more to it than that, because when you change the meaning of a past event, the character of your present also shifts. Not only that, but your feelings and self-image undergo an instant shift too.

Q - Doesn't the past have more 'reality' than the future? After all, it has happened... the future hasn't.

A - The difference you refer to is an illusion, based on your personal concept of how the mind works. But this concept is only a thought, which you can change. What you call memory, and give such special status to, is really a function of the questions you ask yourself about the past. Change the question and you change the information. You can get continually new information from the past simply by asking yourself a series of "What if?" questions. If you ask similar questions about the future, you'll start to see that the future is just as real as the past.

Q - If my mind has all this power, why have I never noticed it before?

Simply because you have not been looking for it! Because you have been thinking of your mind as a recorder of information rather than a creator of information you have missed its creative aspect.

Think of it this way... Suppose you have a friend with a television set she uses only to view previously recorded video tapes. It works perfectly well for this purpose, and your friend is happy to be using her television set this way. When you tell her that she can receive a virtually unlimited amount of new information if she hooks up the television to the cable outlet instead of the video player, she finds it almost too much to believe! She's never thought of this before.

At first your friend doesn't believe this is possible. She thinks it’s a trick, because she has always thought of the television set as a viewer, not as a receiver.  If she changes her understanding of how the set functions, her belief of what's possible changes too.  

The same thing happens to us when we change our belief of how the mind operates. Thinking of the mind as a viewer of the past, limits us. Thinking of it as a receiver of information, opens up the possibility of receiving information from a virtually infinite number of new sources.

My book explains that the mind is not simply a player of previously recorded information. It is a receiver of brand new information. And… it receives this information from the future as well as the past. We have never noticed this before simply because no one has explained that we can use the mind in this way.


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